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Grandi Scarpe


Following these simple rules you can easily measure your foot size. Firstly you need to know that during the day your left and right feet can be slightly different in size. It is advisable to measure both feet and to consider the biggest one.

You need:

  • A piece of paper

  • Pen/pencil to profile your feet

  • A measuring tape

While seated and with your foot firmly set on a piece of paper on the ground ask someone (it is easier if you can ask someone to help you) to profile your foot with the pencil perpendicular to the paper. ) The drawing should be similar to your foot shape.

While profiling the perimeter near the fingers, you might want to press on them lightly so that they adhere perfectly to the piece of paper.

misurazione piede per scarpe su misura

Measure the sole of your foot with the measuring tape. Place the tape under the fingers where the sole reaches its maximum width. Write down the obtained measure (width).

To measure the instep (where the foot reaches its maximum height), wrap the measuring tape from one side of the instep to the other to fully embrace it . Write down the obtained measure (height).

misurazione piede per scarpe su misura

The last measure required is the length of the foot previously profiled. Take the distance from the heel to the forefoot by drawing a line on the profile (length).

You should also write down your usual classic shoes size.

misurazione piede per scarpe su misura