It’ s not so easy to choose a gift for a man. Is this the right one? Is it too trivial? Will he use it and like it? What’s the right thing to do? In a period when hi-tech gifts are really common, we suggest an alternative: something extremely comfortable and refined; why not a pair of handmade, customized and even personalized shoes? Stop with the usual, impersonal tie bought at the very last moment. A gift must be accurately thought according to the person who gets it. Buying second-hand gifts for Christmas is not fashion ad we are here to give you the right advice! To the man who likes wearing formal clothes or for a ceremony, we suggest elegant/classic shoes that can add something important to a particular look. Our casual, sportive shoes can instead be chosen as a gift to be worn everyday with a pair of jeans, no more tennis shoes on any occasion! In winter we recommend our unique men boots. If you’re looking for something really innovative and exclusive you can try our wood fiber shoes made of wood: a natural, eco-friendly material. We offer you a 10% discount on your purchase during the Christmas period

 albero di natale grandiscarpe

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