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Grandi Scarpe

The Blake-Rapid method

The Blake-Rapid method is a technique used to sew the midsole and the leather sole together. Thanks to this sewing the sole is more resistant, less likely to wear out and it also provides a higher isolation from the outside.

  • 1. Leather heel
  • 2. Leather and natural rubber heel layer
  • 3. Flexible leather sole
  • 5. Real leather middle sole, sewn from the inside by Blake processing

  • 1. Rubber heel
  • 2. Leather heel
  • 3. Flexible leather sole
  • 4. Threads of the stitching by Rapid processing
  • 6. Nailed heel (not glued)
  • 7. Insole in natural leather
  • 8. Upper in natural leather (not splashed)
  • 8. Upper in natural leather (not splashed)
  • 9. Lining in natural leather (not splashed)